Community bike repair school and workshop

Bikeability is a structured programme which breaks cycling down into three levels of competence:

Level 1 teaches basic bike handling skills, awareness and confidence. It aims to get the future cyclist feeling comfortable on a bike in a stress-free environment. This programme is not taught on the road but does build towards road cycling and from the outset develops habits and behaviour which promote safe road cycling.

Level 2 is a programme which is taught on the road and readies the rider for safe riding amongst traffic, understanding road systems and techniques for efficient and safe riding. This programme is typically taught to young riders who want to progress to safe riding on the roads but is equally useful to those who have never learned to do this or have been away from cycling on the road for a while or as a refresher for cyclist who want to firm up their road skills.

Level 3 is the advanced level of Bikeability which aims at developing road sense and skills in diverse and stressful environments. This prepares the rider for all types of riding from heavy urban scenarios such as multi-lane roundabouts to the narrow lanes of rural Devon.

Get in touch if you would like to book a Bikeability session. As with our workshops we are more than happy to organise women-only groups, groups for young people or those with reduced mobility. 

Bike Explosion is a project run by Always Be Cycling Ltd, Reg. Address: 17 Church Rd, Torquay, TQ1 4QY

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