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We run regular bike maintenance and repair workshops for all abilities, ages and experience. These can be 'surgery' type workshops where we just work on fixing the current problems with your bike or they can be more focused on particular skills such as gear alignment, puncture repair, brake set-up, hub overhaul, winterising, wheel truing or wheel building.  We're open to requests. We can also run women-only, youth, school or club courses just let us know your requirements or drop us a line to express interest. Visit here for forthcoming workshops. 

Visit this page for service and repair information. You can book a repair here or alternatively call on the number below to speak to us.  

Bike Explosion also offers cycle training for cyclists of all ages and experience levels. Elliot is a National Standards cycling instructor with five years of experience teaching the Bikeability programme to beginners at Level I through to experienced cyclists at Level 3. Bikeability is a nationally recognised qualification which has superseded older training programmes which some of us might remember as Cycling Proficiency which was frequently taught in schools. Find out about Bikeability training here.

Bike Explosion – How We Roll.

Bike Explosion is a non-profit bike maintenance school and workshop situated directly on the National Cycle Route 2 in Dartington. Run entirely by volunteer cyclist-educators, our work takes a practical, do-it-ourselves approach to fixing and maintaining bikes. For us it's all about demystifying bike mechanics which are often unnecessarily thought of as complex or highly technical. We set the workshop up in 2010 to bring about a radical shift in thinking and practice around accessibility to cycling sharing our collective knowledge and experience with hundreds of other cyclists over the last decade.

In the first instance we're all keen cyclists but what we do goes beyond the simple enjoyment of riding and staying healthy. Our work espouses a serious commitment to community education and self-reliance and draws from a desire to fight transport poverty, income inequality and how these are compounded by the rural environment and the often prohibitive costs of professional cycle repair. A critique of oil dependency and car culture structures the work we do and finds us at the intersection of environmental and social justice, education, health and community resilience. Being able to fix your own bike and keep yourself on the road is a radical, yet everyday gesture anyone can make regardless of experience, fitness or age.

Unlike bike shops which seek to complicate and monopolise technical knowledge and skills we take a collective, problem-solving approach to our workshops and don't see ourselves as "experts" rather we encourage a more discursive and participatory learning and a bit of experimentation. We think that the bicycle is one of the most amazing items of open-source technologies in existence with access to a few common and even fewer specialist tools, bike maintenance can be a common resource for everybody. The school is equipped with specialist tools and parts for a group of up to six participants.

Workshops are always informal, we get dirty, take stuff to bits, experiment with different techniques, talk about all manner of stuff. We plan workshops so that there is space for practice until a technique 'feels right' and can be performed without further assistance. Above all we try to make things fun in atmosphere which doesn't intimidate and encourages cooperation amongst the learners.

We're always looking for volunteers to help out with all aspects of our work so if you would like to join us get in touch. You don't need to be experienced in cycle mechanics - you can pick that up along the way by just helping out. We could also use some help with admin, design and other tasks which help us to do what we do.  


Bike Explosion, Re-store Shop, The Shops at Dartington, Shinners Bridge, Dartington
TQ9 6TQ      (Map)


Email:     Phone: 07779 908930                    


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