Community bike repair school and workshop

As a school, we always encourage folks to come to a workshop and learn how to fix bikes for themselves. This way we're exponentially growing outwards to the point where every postcode around our workshop has someone who can help teach others how to repair their bike. Of course we appreciate that for some people it's not so easy to make it to our workshops.  If you can't make it to us then we can, to a limited extent, book your bike in for a repair or service with our volunteer mechanics.  We will give your bike a thorough inspection and report any major defects which go beyond the scope of the service and/or agreed repair. As a non-profit we are generally cheaper than bike shops although the turnaround may be a little slower. Drop us a line at the contacts below to ask about repairs and servicing.


Bike Explosion, Re-store Shop, The Shops at Dartington, Shinners Bridge, Dartington
TQ9 6TQ      (Map)


Email:     Phone: 07779 908930                    

Bike Explosion is a project run by Always Be Cycling Ltd, Reg. Address: 17 Church Rd, Torquay, TQ1 4QY

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